Thursday, 21 May 2009

Good book to have...

I love to read. One of the many joys of life, and a supreme Art form, is the written word. I have here the title, rather long-winded, of a good book to read - at least I found it interesting (for personal reasons). The book is called: ''The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time'' and takes on the nature of a kind of Sherlock Holmes murder mystery. You can purchase it from Amazon.

Here is a good question: Is it a sin to attempt to ''cure'' (assuming hypothetically that there were a ''cure'') an Autism-Spectrum Disorder? Take into account that mental illnesses can be just as crippling as lost limbs - at least to some people. But also take into account the great gifts that some people on the Autism Spectrum have - albeit at the expense (a great expense) of things that perhaps most of us take for granted; for example, the ability to sustain a conversation comfortably or being perhaps more flexible as regards routine and its inevitable breakdown in the face of new situations, circumstances, everyday chances etc. How would a person ''formerly'' on the Autism Spectrum go about their lives, now that their routines were no longer necessary; or their intense personal interest not quite so intense anymore? Very complex questions of psychology perhaps, but also worth musing over...

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  1. It was, indeed, a very good book. Though I have to admit that I figured it out after three chapters.