Sunday, 24 May 2009

Ave Maria in Quenya...

In the 1950s, J.R.R Tolkien translated five Catholic prayers into Sindarin and Quenya, the two prominent dialects of Elvish found in The Lord of the Rings. I did have a nice rendering of the Ave Maria in Quenya in a ''favourite'' on the Internet, with the Tengwar script and with the Latin as well, but when I tried to load it up the site wasn't recognised, how typical! So anyway, here it is without the fair characters!

Aia María quanta Eruanno i Héru as elyë. Aistana elyë imíca nísi ar aistana i yávë mónalyo Yésus. Airë María Eruo ontaril á hyamë rámen úcarindor sí ar lúmessë ya firuvammë. Násië.

Omnia bona spiritualia et temporalia vobis in Domino invoco.


  1. Did you notice Tolkien's trunk used as a boy when living at the Oratory?

  2. Have you not tried the Wayback Machine?

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I had no idea that it existed.

  4. This page has two different elvish calligraphic renderings -